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Alexi considers herself as close to the “started singing since she could talk” stereotype as it gets. She began singing in elementary school, where she was keen to learn every instrument her music teacher gave her, and audition for solos in the yearly Christmas musical. She told everyone she could tell she was going to be a music teacher when she grew up. The summer before 5th grade she auditioned for her first musical, Annie, in which she landed the lead role of Annie and fell in love with music even more. Not long after, once in 5th grade at age 10, she auditioned for the Hillsboro Community Youth Choir (HCYC) and earned her spot alongside the other hand picked, talented youth. She began to really learn about properly singing and music. At age 12, she became the lead singer of a small cover band of other young girls and would become a known name around her middle school at the time. For Christmas that year she was gifted a piano, and quickly began to teach herself how to play it. The first song she learned by ear was Adele’s “Someone Like You”. She loved being in school choir, HCYC, and a lead singer of a band so much she continued all 3 from that point forward until she graduated highschool age 17. Once in highschool she became the lead singer of a different band through MIR Music in Hillsboro, where she got to perform at the Hillsboro Markets, the Venetian, many downtown restaurants, and once, alongside the drummer from SteppenWolf (of course, to perform “Born to be Wild”). She actively participated in the Hillsboro summer music program known as “CAMP AMP” as a lead singer for 3 years as well. From there, she acquired a lot of knowledge from more amazing teachers. The yearning for teaching started in high school, and senior year she began taking a Peer Tutor class, in which she would take the bus to the elementary school and serve as a teachers aid for about half of the children’s school day. There she would help the children with school music work, conflict resolution, and supervise up to 20 students at a time. She has spent the last few years exercising her teaching skills. Alexi's main passion is teaching music and she is eager to share that with you!

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