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private lessons with Luna Thompson-Aue

Luna Thompson-Aue


Portland-born Luna Thompson-Aue (they/she) has spent the better part of their musical career so far learning the rules, so that they might better understand how to break them. They first started playing the piano at age 6, where they were taught to read music, understand pitch and rhythm, and to understand the basics of western academic music theory. At 11, she fell in love with the violin as well, and begged her parents to let her take home a friend’s unused instrument. Less than a year later, after realizing they were a quick study, their older brother pushed a bass guitar into their hands and conscripted them into his rock band. Thus began the chain of events that led to her developing a very serious and sometimes fatal condition: “can’t-stop-themselves-from-picking-up-new-instruments-itis”. So, for the past twenty years, Luna has made it their task to collect as much information about music from as many diverse sources as they can. Classical? Choral? Jazz? Blues? Gospel? Metal? Punk? Funk? Fusion? EDM? Avant-Garde? Hip-hop? Nothing is off the table, as she has found that new knowledge in one domain inevitably leads to deeper understandings in another. As a teacher and human, Luna knows well that no-one’s path is linear. As a young student with undiagnosed ADHD, they struggled greatly with feelings of shame around how difficult consistent practice was for them. Now as an adult with 20 years of musical experience, she understands the kinds of emotional and educational support she wished she had gotten back then, and is excited to be able to provide their knowledge and support with students of any age, level, or neurotype. Luna is currently studying Music and Sonic Arts at PCC, and is an active performer, known for their improvisations, versatility, and powerful technique.

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