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Ty Christy


Ty Christy graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM @ UCO) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with a degree in applied guitar and graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in Jazz Guitar. He is in three groups, leader of 2 at the moment, and performs regularly around Portland at venues such as The 1905, Mcmenamins White Eagle, Lombard Pub etc. Philosophy: By now, practicing is an important part of the day. Determined and deliberate practice is crucial to understanding music, especially an instrument, but fun, creative practice is just as important. His teaching style reflects the latter and he is always having fun in the shed, as we call it. His other love, besides music, is basketball. Don’t be surprised if some of his lessons include basketball/sports quotes, ideals or metaphors! He is addicted to milk chocolate Flipz, and if he wasn’t a musician and teacher, he would definitely be a chef! He loves food! His main instrument is guitar (jazz, rock, fusion, pop, soul, blues etc) and teaches at the advanced level. His favorite jazz guitarist is Kenny Burrell, and his main musical influence is saxophonist, Wayne Shorter. The intermediate level instruments he teaches are piano and ukulele. As mentioned before, his teaching style aims to get the creative mind working. Fundamentals are extremely important and you will learn why through creative exercises and songwriting! He is a huge advocate of composing your own songs, even when your music experience is little to none; so be ready to get writing! Overall, he just loves to have fun with music and enjoy the experience, that’s why it is called ‘playing’ an instrument, not ‘working’ it.

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