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Piano Lessons in Bethany

In-Home Piano Lessons

Do you want to learn your favorite tune, get better for a performance, or just be able to add piano to your list of skills? Have you ever watched one of those old movies where someone just sits down at the piano, plays a song and everyone sings along? There are tons of reasons why you should learn piano. At Morningside Music Academy we are here providing in-home piano lessons in Bethany, to help guide you in any direction you desire to go with piano lessons.

The piano is such a beautiful instrument that can bring joy to the person playing it as well as the people listening. All of us here providing piano lessons in Bethany believe that piano is an amazing instrument to begin with. The learning process can be simple and begin with just one finger. You could leave your first lesson being able to play your favorite melody, that is the beauty of piano. The piano is an instrument of sing-along songs which makes it an easy instrument for students to remember notes and melodies.

It is an incredibly beautiful sounding instrument that can be rewarding to play. We have all heard a piano solo at a point in our lives and have been truly touched. Imagine being able to provide yourself with that every day by taking piano lessons in Bethany just once a week, move over Mozart!

Piano is an instrument that is accompanied with many benefits including cognitive, physical and emotional benefits. Learning the process of reading music while simultaneously playing, benefits fine motor skills. The posture needed to play the piano can stick with you throughout your life and playing has been shown to positively impact people… unless they play a wrong note and get frustrated. With piano lessons in Bethany, we simplify learning as much as possible and work through each piece with you. We know that learning to play the piano is a process that needs step-by-step instruction and that is why we are there to help.

In-home piano lessons in Bethany are the first step in achieving your musical goals. We have a team of teachers who have been playing piano for most of their lives, and are passionate about sharing their skills. Another great thing about beginning piano lessons in Bethany is that you can begin at any age. It doesn’t matter if you have a piano or high quality keyboard at home, we will come to you and teach you how to play the piano. Our teachers who provide piano lessons in Bethany are thrilled to share their passion with you and adapt to whichever genre that really intrigues you.

Whether you are intrigued by classical, jazz, blues or pop music, we have piano teachers who are just as excited to teach you. The beauty of piano is you can play any song you desire! Maybe you even already have a piano in your home, and have been needing that extra push to finally learn it. We are here providing in-home piano lessons in Bethany to help you through the learning curve any day or time.

Piano Lesson FAQs

How much do piano lessons in Bethany cost?


In the Bethany area piano lessons cost an average of $40 per 30 minute lesson in-studio. At Morningside Music Academy our teachers come to your home for a competitive price!

Private Piano Teachers in Bethany

    How Our Piano Lessons Work

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    Book a $25 Intro Piano Lesson

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    The teacher comes to you

    (we also offer virtual lessons)

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    Decide to continue

    Enjoy weekly lessons all month long

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    Receive an invoice at the end of the month

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