Isabel's Experience at Morningside Music Academy

Mar 1 · 2 min read

Can you describe your journey and experience working here so far?

I started working with Morningside in May of 2023 as a piano and voice teacher. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my student base grow and have had nothing but positive experiences with my students, their families, and the Morningside team.

What would you say to someone considering a job with our company?

I would say to go for it! This company truly has your back and will support you every step of the way. From organizing your weekly schedule to giving advice on students, they’re here to facilitate a positive environment and do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus solely on your students.

What aspects of our company do you find most appealing or unique?

The fact that lessons are conducted in students’ homes is what initially drew my attention to Morningside. I remember when taking piano lessons as a child, it often felt scary entering into an unfamiliar environment with an instrument that felt and sounded different than what I was used to. The idea of traveling to students’ homes where they’re comfortable and at ease, I believe is the perfect environment for fostering growth and creating a positive relationship with music.

What do you appreciate most about the students you work with?

I am so grateful for every one of my students as well as their families. I’ve experienced such friendly and accommodating households who are supportive of their students and truly want to help them succeed. I’ve seen parents sit in on lessons just to learn the homework so they’re able to assist in weekly practice, or siblings create bands to play their music together. I’m so appreciative of these support systems, and I see every day the way they positively impact students’ growth.

Can you share a specific achievement that you are proud to have been a part of?

It’s hard to choose… As a teacher, I have the opportunity to see so many little victories in each lesson as students progress more and more. One moment that does stick out to me occurred a few months ago when one of my young vocal students was having a hard time finding the confidence to sing loudly. We decided to line up some of her dolls on the couch as an “audience” and she would perform her song for them. This seemed to get her excited and, for the first time, she sang so loudly and confidently I was shocked. Although it may not seem like much, moments like these are often huge turning points and I love getting to be a part of those experiences.

How would you describe the leadership/management style within the company?

I believe Morningside’s approach to management is very collaborative. As a teacher, I feel that I have a voice when it comes to making decisions about students and the team is always quick to communicate with me in any situation. I also love that I’m given autonomy over the lessons themselves and choosing course material. I’ve experienced companies in the past where teachers were required to follow a strict set of guidelines regarding books and lesson plans, but I love that with Morningside, teachers are entrusted to make those decisions for themselves. Every student is different and I’m grateful that I have the freedom to choose teaching methods that I feel are the best fit for each student’s unique needs and situation.

Courtney Malloy
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