Kalea's Experience at Morningside Music Academy

Mar 8 · 3 min read

Can you describe your journey and experience working here so far?

"My experience here has been so positive and rewarding. Getting to travel to such welcoming homes and teach enthusiastic kids about piano is such a fun experience to go through especially at my age. Being 22 and wanting to be a teacher in the future means I need to get some experience as well as time with children and this job has fulfilled those wants. The one on one time alone with the kids really allows them to focus on what they need to work on individually and all of my attention is on them. Getting to meet so many wonderful parents has been a great surprise for me as well. I knew I could connect with the kids but learning to connect with the family in general has been so wonderful. I truly enjoy working here and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to work one on one with kids."

How do you feel about the scheduling at our company?

"The scheduling for this company is great. I get to create my own schedule based around my life outside of Morningside Music Academy. I was able to give a few days out of the week for my lessons and the staff helps communicate with families which days work best for me. I am always a priority and there are no issues with scheduling. Communication with staff members is very easy as well. If I need to take a week off for a vacation or if I am sick, they will gladly let the family know and help me reschedule lessons. I also have the ability on my own to reschedule lessons if need be which is very convenient. The individual work to company help ratio is perfect in my opinion. I have the ability to do most things on my own with the help of staff members right by my side if I need anything. "

Can you share a memorable moment?

"At the start of one of my lessons, my student was telling me she had a competition at her school about music and music theory. She said she was one of the only kids who knew piano notes and won the competition! She was so excited to tell me and was very proud that she knew the notes. This made me feel like all the work I’ve been putting in has been paying off. This is the main thing I wanted to accomplish during this job. I wanted to get the kids to not only learn but remember the things they learn during our lessons and use it in other scenarios, like this piano competition. It makes me think what I am doing has an impact on these students for life and that is just such a great feeling."

What would you say to someone considering a job with our company?

"I would say this is such a great opportunity to figure out more about yourself and your teaching abilities with the help of a staff to give you those opportunities. It is definitely different from a typical job because there is not someone to watch over you at all times and telling you what to do, but at the same time it allows you to be more responsible for yourself and take matters into your own hands. I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself during this job and have discovered what I am capable of teaching when it comes to music. I would absolutely recommend this job to someone as there are many personal benefits to working with this company."

How has working here impacted your personal and professional life?

"My personal life has absolutely been affected by working here. I have made connections with these families that will last me a lifetime. Some of these parents treat me like I am a part of their family and are just so kind to me. I didn’t realize how kind people truly are until I met all of my families.

The professional part of my life has been affected as well. I am learning each and every lesson on how to talk to kids and what are good techniques to teach effectively. I am also learning how to give constructive criticism and how to say certain things to these kids so they will actually understand. I am also learning how to properly talk to parents. I am coming to their home to teach their child; no matter how close I get with each family, at the end of the day, I am there to work, so being respectful while being in their home is something I have learned through this experience."

What is your favorite part of teaching your students?

"My favorite part about teaching my students is getting to see all of their individual personalities. Even with siblings every child is different. It is tricky learning how each student reacts to my teaching methods, but it is honestly the best part about the job. It is kind of like a puzzle where you get to see how each method works for each kid. My absolute favorite part is when the student starts to get a little more comfortable around me and we start making jokes and having fun during the lesson. It is so much easier to teach a lesson when the student is comfortable and having fun so seeing that moment of trust between us happen is so amazing."

Is there anything else you'd like to add or share about your experience with our company?

"I wanted to add that this company is very true to their word. Payments, scheduling, etc is always on time. I never have to worry about my schedule changing or payments not coming in. The company makes it so easy on me to just focus on the kids and not worry about all the logistics!"

Courtney Malloy
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