Was Mozart Really A Genius?

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Mozart was a composer who has had many movies made about his life. There are many rumors that surround the life and death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. One commonly asked question about him is, was Mozart a genius?

Yes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a genius. Mozart began composing little pieces of music by age five. By the time he died at age 35 he had composed over 600 pieces of music.

Who Was Mozart?

Mozart was an Austrian composer. He was also an instrumentalist and a music teacher. He wrote 600 pieces of music by the time he died at age 35. This is an extremely impressive output for a musician. Especially considering the technology of the day. All this music would have been handwritten. And this was before electricity as well. So when he would write at night he would be writing by candlelight. It's easy for us to forget how much technology helps us.

Mozart wrote all sorts of different music from symphonies to string quartets to piano sonatas. He also wrote some very famous operas. All this writing is extremely hard to do and it's very impressive that he wrote so much. I think we tend to under-appreciate the achievements of people in the past. Everyone's very skeptical about calling someone a genius, but they never stop and look around and see what the average person produces. Most people do not write 600 pieces of music, that's for sure. I can't even imagine how that's possible!

I think it is very clear that Mozart was a genius. Even by his output alone he is quite notable.Sometimes I think people like to deny that other people are geniuses for whatever reason. But I do believe that Mozart was a genius. Just take a few minutes to listen to his music and I think it will speak for itself.

It's extremely difficult to write music for large groups of musicians. You have to keep a lot of different sounds and notes in your head all at once. I'm not saying that every single person that wrote the symphony is a genius. but if you can write a symphony in a very short period of time, it's an extremely beautiful sounding Symphony and that is noteworthy.

Mozart wrote his final three symphonies in just six weeks. Some people say they are his greatest symphonies as well. When they looked at the music he wrote, hand-written there were no crossed out notes or revisions. Just means he heard all three symphonies in his head and just wrote out what he heard. This is extremely unusual for a composer. I can't image, I just teacher music lessons in Tigard!

Mozart wrote 50 Symphonies that's also an incredible output for a composer. I think if you take a look at these facts you'll see it's undeniable that he was a genius. Also just listen to his music! It's amazing how much sense it makes. Everything fits into the correct spot and resolves in the correct way. It truly is amazing oh, it's so much fun to listen to Mozart!

Why Is Mozart Famous?

Mozart was famous for many different reasons. One was he was a child prodigy. At a very young age he toured Europe playing for some of Europe's wealthiest people. They were all amazed by his abilities. It's always very impressive to see a child master something at a young age.

Mozart wrote his first piece of music at age five. Most 5 year olds do not write music. This alone with the correct promotion would make someone famous. Plus it is helpful that the music is incredible.

These types of feats are not often forgotten by history. And that is why Mozart is still famous today. His incredible output also made him famous. Most composers don't write 50 symphonies. He also wrote many successful operas, which added to his Fame. Any time a musician does something successful more people hear about them. So when you write hit after hit like Mozart did you start to become extremely famous. He also wrote operas in German instead of the typical Italian. This made it so common people could appreciate his operas. This is a very smart marketing move as well.

Doing little things such as writing more accessible art will make people more famous. Some people turn their nose up this sort of thing, but it does help more people appreciate art. Which one would think is the goal of making art is to have as many people as possible appreciate it. Here is another article all about Mozart:

Another thing that adds to Mozart's Fame is that he died at a young age. This often makes people appreciate someone's already even more. I'm not quite sure why but that seems to be how it works. 35 years old wasn't necessarily super young back 1 Mozart died. But it was certainly younger than people expected him to live.

Such a short life also makes his output even more impressive and noteworthy. When Mozart was 14 he went to Italy and heard a piece of music in the Sistine Chapel. He was able to write out the entire piece of music afterwards all from memory. This is an exceptional example of genius. The average person wouldn't even be able to hum a tenth of a piece of music after hearing it.

Can you imagine all the rumors and lower the must have spread about Mozart? People love seeing people who are so talented. They also like to talk about people who are so talented. This would have added even more to the legend that is Mozart.

We truly are lucky to live in a world after Mozart was alive. We're able to enjoy all his music and enjoy his Brilliance. He certainly made the world a much richer place to live in. Shortly after he died people started to realize how truly brilliant he was. Then some people cataloged all his music. We're so lucky that people took care of the music he wrote. I would have been very easily lost to history in time. These types of things don't typically hang around for that long.

Well I hope this article explains that Mozart was a genius, in my opinion. I also try to explain why Mozart was famous. Feel free to listen to any of the links I attached in the article and make your own decision. But I think the music speaks for itself, I think it's very clear the motor was a genius.


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I will also link throughout this article some of my favorite pieces by Mozart. Please stop reading and take the time to listen to these pieces of music, especially if you've never listened to Mozart before. They're extremely enjoyable and I think you'll really like them.

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