Why Do Violinists Make Weird Faces?

Aug 8 · 3 min read

As a violinist, I've been asked about some of the weird faces I make while playing. I understand that you might be wondering if it's normal for violinists to make faces while they play. It is! My face may look like this:

Or this:

But don't worry—it's not because I'm concentrating so hard on my fingers or because my instrument is too heavy. It's actually because I'm feeling the music and using facial expressions as a way to communicate that feeling with other musicians and audiences alike. More often than not, these expressions are positively received as an indication of our passion for making music; sometimes they can even inspire others to continue creating art themselves!

Violinists make weird faces when they play because they are feeling the music and are concentrating on playing beautiful music. Sometimes violinists can get lost in the emotion of the piece of music they are performing.


Making Facial Expressions Because of Music

As a violinist, your face can make a huge difference in how people perceive your performance. You may be aware of this—you might have seen videos of famous violinists on YouTube, or even perhaps you’ve performed yourself and realized that you made some faces during your practice session that didn’t look particularly professional. I know when I'm teaching violin lessons in Beaverton I've made some funny faces.

But why do we make these faces? The short answer is that it has to do with the emotional content of music and how we interpret it through our bodies. We tend to associate certain emotions with certain facial expressions; for example, frowning when listening to sad music or smiling when listening to happy music. This goes both ways—if someone were playing a piece they liked while making angry expressions (think growling), they might convey their dislike of the piece just by looking at them! But that's not necessarily true, they might just be feeling the power of the piece.

Music is emotional—and so are we. When we hear music, it can make us feel things like joy, sadness and anger. When you’re performing on stage to an audience and you're feeling this intense emotion from the music you’re playing, your body reacts physically by making facial expressions in order to communicate with the audience and other musicians alike! Violinists can also make funny faces when they are concentrating.


Concentrating While Performing

You can also do this by practicing, meditating and focusing on the music. You should focus on the piece in front of you and not let anything distract you from it. If someone is talking to you or if something catches your attention, just ignore it and keep playing.

One way to maintain concentration is by practicing. Practicing can help you learn how to deal with distractions and keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak. A musician can use meditative breathing techniques as well as other methods such as visualization in order to help them focus on their playing, unless they are playing a wind instrument of course!

Another option is meditation. Meditation is another great way for a musician to focus on their performance without getting distracted by outside factors like the audience or even their own thoughts. It’s important that we recognize when our attention has wandered and bring it back into alignment with whatever task we are trying do at that moment in time! We don’t want our minds wandering off when playing an instrument or speaking in front of an audience because then nothing gets done!


Is Making Faces Bad While Playing Violin?

It is not unusual for musicians to make faces as they play, as long as it doesn't interfere with their technique. Flushing cheeks and bulging eyes are common among violinists, especially in the middle of an intense solo or during an extremely difficult section of a piece. As long as there's no excess movement that distracts from the music, these expressions will be seen as a sign of how dedicated you are to your craft!

It's important to maintain concentration while playing; otherwise you won't be able to hear your playing and adjust accordingly. It's also very important to maintain technique while playing; otherwise your performance could suffer if something goes wrong in the middle of a piece. Finally, it's crucial that you maintain concentration AND technique while playing; otherwise there will be no way for anyone listening in on your showpiece!

Super Concentration

Violinists make weird facial expressions because they are concentrating on playing their instruments well! It's not just violinists who make weird faces when they're playing their instruments. Other musicians also do it, too! And it's not just because they're trying to look cool or funny for their audience—they're actually doing it so that no one can distract them from playing well.


We hope that this article has helped you understand why violinists make weird faces while they play. We want to remind you that musicians can be very expressive in their music, and we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable because of their facial expressions. If you are concerned about how someone is reacting when they hear your performance, just remember that it's probably because they're concentrating on the music!

Cloe Haynes
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